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Review of Music Marketing Guru

Music Marketing is an extremely broad topic and the landscape for promoting music is constantly changing. Young and up and coming bands face a dizzying amount of challenges learning to get their music out there and be heard over all the competition. I was in this situation myself so I searched online for various resources to improve my knowledge about music marketing. The amount of information I found was somewhat overwhelming and I was getting discouraged thinking I could find a resource that really puts it all together.

Enter the Music Marketing Guru

After searching through a lot of websites for information, I happened to come across one that really caught my attention. At first it was the captivating design of the website, but what really got me was the offer being presented; a comprehensive music marketing course for independent bands and musicians. Since they offered a money back guarantee I decided to take the leap and order the course. It costs $49 and is available for immediate download so I dug in right away and started reading. Here’s a quote that really stood out for me.

With The Complete Guide to Music Marketing for Independent Musicians you’ll have a huge advantage over anyone who doesn’t have access to this information. This course is the blueprint for your professional success as an artist and it might be the best investment you ever make.

The first thing struck me was the well thought out design and presentation. The content is beautifully laid out with excellent illustrations that help break up and organize the text into meaningful blocks of information. The chapters are also well organized and thorough. They offer detailed insights into more traditional marketing techniques as well as cutting edge ones.

music marketing guru - review

My Thoughts on the Music Marketing Guru’s Course

After reading about 3 chapters, I noticed that I was actually getting excited. The information in this course making me anxious to get out there and start trying to implement some of it. I did continue reading however and finished the whole thing (almost 300 pages) in 3 days. Now keep in mind this is the type of course you’re not going to read only once. Its like a reference guide you’ll want to refer to over and over. It also comes with an action plan and checklist, so if you just follow the plan and check the things off the list, you know you’ll be doing better the 98% of the bands out there.

Was it worth it? Hell yes. I’ve seen other courses charging hundreds of dollars. Not only that, I had a few questions and the Music Marketing Guru answered me directly and helped me clear up a few areas I didn’t fully understand.

It will some time to implement all these strategies, but after I do, I will follow this blog up with a description of how this course has actually helped me improve my bands marketing. Here’s the video for Music Marketing Guru so you can get a better idea what’s being offered.

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Shayne Ward

Music is able to change a life of someone. In a fact, there are more and more new singers who offer the different concept. It makes people like to enjoy what the singer provides, even more, when they have a unique one. Do you know Shayne Ward? He began his career with a singer competition. Shayne Thomas Ward was born on born 16 October 1984. He   is known as the second winner of The X Factor. He is able to attract music lovers with all his singers since his first debut on 21 December 2005. “That’s my goal” is his debut single which is sold 313,000 copies on its first day of sales.

This makes him has the great experience. This sale achievement is as a third fastest-selling single of all time in the UK. I think it is very fantastic because not all singers are able to begin their career with a great achievement.

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Jojo will end her third album in 2016

When talking about music, we all certainly like to gain more and more latest news what most singers do for their career. When a singer does not appear with their new single, surely, over million fans miss to hear their golden voice, right? For Jojo’s lovers, you can wait for her third full-length album that will end in 2016. It means that people worldwide can enjoy back   his songs in the end 2016, or in early 2017. Do you want to wait for it? No, it is not too long to wait because a real fan always has right reason to know what their idol does and give to the public.

She now signed with Atlantic Records. She does not only have a beautiful look, but also   a beautiful voice. That’s why people never want to wait for her third album until early 2017. If you want to know more news about her, will you read the next article?

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Music plays important role for your health

In these days, music is covered with the more creative idea. It becomes a great thing that can attract more people to like its appearance. Music has many fans since it first coming, so what’s music type that you like? Regardless of the type of music, once you are listening to it, there are some amazing advantages come with it. Do you know how some surgeons allow their patient to play their favorite music during a surgery process? It‘s strange to hire, but some surgeons do it. Even though most don’t know why it happens, but I am sure they have clear and good reasons to this action.

When someone suffers from specific illnesses, or in a recovery program, he or she can try to be close to their favorite music, Why? Perhaps most people know how music is able to boost the mood, especially when they are with the high depression level. Reduced depression is the hidden fact how music plays an important   role to the overall of humans’ health. This is proved by the found of researchers at Stanford University’s School named soothing classical music to reduce the depression. There are many searches report that music is good for health. People with high blood pressure are potential to suffer from some serious diseases. If you want to decrease this possibility, then you can try to love   certain music that is nice to listen to. According to Harvard Medical School, humans’ heart works less hard during someone is listening to the music. If you like to run on the treadmill, it is better to complete this physical exercise with listening to your favorite music. It can work to reduce your   blood pressure. So finally, you know how to control the level of blood pressure.

The other study shows that music can help stroke patients to improve their recovery. It recovers someone from a brain damage. Not only that, music also has other advantages for human’s health such as pain relief, better immunity system, and more. The health problems are mostly caused by   an immunity system. When someone is with this condition, diseases can attack their body easily. The good immunity system is a condition where protein helps the body fight infections. Listening to music nowadays is very easy done anytime and everywhere because of the appearance of digital music. It keeps an existence of music over the time. You can listen  to the music alone or with your loved one during  enjoying the quality time.

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Country Music’s Beginnings

So I have decided to share this beneficial information. No matter where you stay, music will always become part of your life, right? Most say that music complete their lives. Similar to other things, music also get many changes time by time. It is based on the human skill to add some creative ideas on creating greater music. But they cannot change the basic elements of music. Music comes in many different types and styles of traditional rock music to the world pop. Actually, all types are nice and easily to listen to by everyone, but it depends on the sense of each person. For some people, a country music is great to listen to every time, so how’s about you?

In simple words, it can be known as music that developed from Southern American folk. Besides it  is also developed from western cowboy music in the rural regions of the Southern United States in the 1920s. Both ballads and dance tunes are played with banjoes, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonicas, and fiddles with the simple form and harmonies. As a country music lover, these listed types of country music are so familiar to hear even you have many collections at your home. Blue Grass Music is a form of American roots music but is has been influenced by Appalachia and African-American music. Texas country, traditional country, and alternative country are the other types of country music. Even if has become the favorite music  since  long times  ago, but  in this modern era, more people like to listen to it. Can you tell me if you also have many music collections relates to Nashville sound, Bakersfield Sound, and others? When you have more collections,  it means you  are truly the real country music lover.  Enjoy your days with your favorite music!

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