Music Psychology

In these days, music is covered with the more creative idea. It becomes a great thing that can attract more people to like its appearance. Music has many fans since it first coming, so what’s music type that you like? Regardless of the type of music, once you are listening to it, there are some amazing advantages come with it. Do you know how some surgeons allow their patient to play their favorite music during a surgery process? It‘s strange to hire, but some surgeons do it. Even though most don’t know why it happens, but I am sure they have clear and good reasons to this action.

When someone suffers from specific illnesses, or in a recovery program, he or she can try to be close to their favorite music, Why? Perhaps most people know how music is able to boost the mood, especially when they are with the high depression level. Reduced depression is the hidden fact how music plays an important   role to the overall of humans’ health. This is proved by the found of researchers at Stanford University’s School named soothing classical music to reduce the depression. There are many searches report that music is good for health. People with high blood pressure are potential to suffer from some serious diseases. If you want to decrease this possibility, then you can try to love   certain music that is nice to listen to. According to Harvard Medical School, humans’ heart works less hard during someone is listening to the music. If you like to run on the treadmill, it is better to complete this physical exercise with listening to your favorite music. It can work to reduce your   blood pressure. So finally, you know how to control the level of blood pressure.

The other study shows that music can help stroke patients to improve their recovery. It recovers someone from a brain damage. Not only that, music also has other advantages for human’s health such as pain relief, better immunity system, and more. The health problems are mostly caused by   an immunity system. When someone is with this condition, diseases can attack their body easily. The good immunity system is a condition where protein helps the body fight infections. Listening to music nowadays is very easy done anytime and everywhere because of the appearance of digital music. It keeps an existence of music over the time. You can listen  to the music alone or with your loved one during  enjoying the quality time.