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Music Marketing is an extremely broad topic and the landscape for promoting music is constantly changing. Young and up and coming bands face a dizzying amount of challenges learning to get their music out there and be heard over all the competition. I was in this situation myself so I searched online for various resources to improve my knowledge about music marketing. The amount of information I found was somewhat overwhelming and I was getting discouraged thinking I could find a resource that really puts it all together.

Enter the Music Marketing Guru

After searching through a lot of websites for information, I happened to come across one that really caught my attention. At first it was the captivating design of the website, but what really got me was the offer being presented; a comprehensive music marketing course for independent bands and musicians. Since they offered a money back guarantee I decided to take the leap and order the course. It costs $49 and is available for immediate download so I dug in right away and started reading. Here’s a quote that really stood out for me.

With The Complete Guide to Music Marketing for Independent Musicians you’ll have a huge advantage over anyone who doesn’t have access to this information. This course is the blueprint for your professional success as an artist and it might be the best investment you ever make.

The first thing struck me was the well thought out design and presentation. The content is beautifully laid out with excellent illustrations that help break up and organize the text into meaningful blocks of information. The chapters are also well organized and thorough. They offer detailed insights into more traditional marketing techniques as well as cutting edge ones.

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My Thoughts on the Music Marketing Guru’s Course

After reading about 3 chapters, I noticed that I was actually getting excited. The information in this course making me anxious to get out there and start trying to implement some of it. I did continue reading however and finished the whole thing (almost 300 pages) in 3 days. Now keep in mind this is the type of course you’re not going to read only once. Its like a reference guide you’ll want to refer to over and over. It also comes with an action plan and checklist, so if you just follow the plan and check the things off the list, you know you’ll be doing better the 98% of the bands out there.

Was it worth it? Hell yes. I’ve seen other courses charging hundreds of dollars. Not only that, I had a few questions and the Music Marketing Guru answered me directly and helped me clear up a few areas I didn’t fully understand.

It will some time to implement all these strategies, but after I do, I will follow this blog up with a description of how this course has actually helped me improve my bands marketing. Here’s the video for Music Marketing Guru so you can get a better idea what’s being offered.